Athuman Tawakal

"My story has been full of challenges, twists and turns ..."

My story has been full of challenges, twists and turns, but also sweet moments and I have eventually made it! I always believed that if you have a goal, faith in yourself, and dream to fulfil - anything is possible. I now have a three year bachelor's degree in social work from the Institute of Social Work in Dar es Salaam. Through support from the Chole Trust and the de Villiers family, I have been able to dream big!  

My degree in social work means a lot as it reflects directly on social welfare, but also paved a way for further studies. I have been able to increase my knowledge and skills that have a direct impact on people’s lives. It has given me new perspectives and strategies to take action as a way of paying back to my community.

I feel that I can be an inspirational role model for others and show that education is such an important tool for individual development, and for the Chole community as a whole. I want to be able to uplift others, especially the young generation. I’m very aware of the social problems and challenges that my community faces such as HIV/AIDS, poor nutrition, poverty, lack of self awareness and child development issues. All these increase the level of vulnerability in the community and we need to work together to eliminate them.

I am from Chole, and I am now ready to take action, to join hands to act as a catalyst for positive change and I dedicate my bachelor degree to the community! The Trust’s support for me combined with my determination and discipline has proved that anyone can become whatever they want to be, regardless where you are from.